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Anne Christine Tooley
UPDATED 08-11-21


Graduate Samassati School of Holographic Healing, 1999
Associate Polarity Therapy Practitioner (APP), 1997
Healing Touch Practitioner, 1994
Graduate Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, 1991

Practitioner of:

Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch, Colorpuncture, Samassati Color Light Therapy,
Harmonic Sound Repatterning, Subtle Aromatherapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,
Crystal & Gem Therapy, Crystalline Alchemy™,
Sacred Geometry & Gridwork

Member of:
International Association of Colour (IAC)
Sound Healers Association (SHA)
International Association of Sound Therapy
Dinshah Health Society

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Anne's Story  ~  Contact Anne

Anne's Credential Highlights

Anne is a practitioner and teacher of Vibrational Medicine, also called Energy Medicine. She is a Sound Healer using Tuning Forks and Crystal Bowls, and is
certified as an Samassati Color Light Therapist, Crystal Therapist, and Associate Polarity Practitioner. She has more than 25 years experience with crystals & stones, color, color light, sound, subtle aromatherapy, energywork and other forms of Vibrational Energy Medicine. She has researched, studied and developed her own line of Tuning Forks, including Kabbalah, Pythagorean Sharps, Brainwave Tuners, Colorpuncture, and those for the Endocrine Glands and Spine, which will be available in September 2021 from Medivibe Technology.
  • completed Colour Mirrors Practitioner Level 1, 2 and 3, and Teacher Level 1 and 2 course work and was a certified Colour Mirrors Color Consultant and Teacher, 2004-2011.
  • completed Endocrine System coursework in 2006 from Janice Durand, RPP.
  • graduated from the Samassati School of Holographic Healing in 1999 after extensive training with Nishant Matthews from 1995-2001. She also trained with Komala Lyra. She practices Colorpuncture and other forms of color light therapy.
  • completed Aura-Soma Practitioner Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as Teacher Level 1. Practitioner of Aura-Soma from 1997-2006.
  • received her Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP) license in 1997.
  • completed 72 hours of Biodynamic Craniosacral training from 1998-2001.
  • practices various forms of Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls and toning.
  • self-trained in Subtle Aromatherapy, incorporating it with the other modalities she practices.
  • graduated from the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in 1991 and uses crystals & gems in her practice.
  • co-created Crystalline Alchemy™ in 1994-95, a system for healing that uses specific vibrational tools to pattern energetic gridworks & mandalas based on Sacred Geometry. See more below.
  • received her Healing Touch certification in 1994.

She brings a unique and intuitive perspective to her work. She has a deep understanding of vibration and resonance and the therapeutic benefits of consciously engaging the sense nature of an individual.

When we allow ourselves to bask in our desires,
when we really
FEEL what we truly want,
when we dare to dream,
we tap into our power to co-create
our present and future!

It is through the five senses that we can experience and develop our extra-sensory perception, which is the doorway to awakening the deeper parts of our self. By allowing the senses to expand, we can tap into our desires. When we allow ourselves to bask in our desires, when we really feel what we truly want, when we dare to dream, we tap into our power to co-create our future! Vibrational Therapies invite the resonance of health through the 5 senses.

Anne is a certified in Crystal Healing, trained by world renowned Katrina Raphaell in 1991. Since 1995, Anne has been trained and personally guided by world-wide teachers of Colorpuncture and Samassati Color Light Therapy. She is a certified practitioner of Samassati Color Light Therapy and has been a teaching associate with the Samassati School of Holographic Healing. Anne completed her Associate Polarity Practitioner certification in 1997 and Healing Touch in 1994, incorporating the rich knowledge and understanding of energy anatomy in her work. She continues to study Polarity Therapy with an emphasis on Biodynamic Craniosacral work, the Endocrine System, Sound, Light and Color.

Anne offers Subtle Aromatherapy as one of the tools for engaging the senses. Subtle Aromatherapy is intricately connected to the limbic mid-brain which houses emotions and memory, thus creating a gentle, safe vehicle for shifting the traumas of the past.

Anne also incorporates Sound into her practice. She creates subtle harmonics using tuning forks and quartz crystal bowls which helps to repattern cellular memory.

Anne brings her passion for the esoteric to her work with her extensive studies, research and experience in the ancient mysteries, including Chakras and the Energy Field, Crystal Healing, healing with Color and Light, Astrology, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, and the Kabbalah.

Crystalline Alchemy™

Crystalline Alchemy™ was co-developed by Anne Christine Tooley with Lynne Ann Kogut in 1994-95. It is a highly advanced transmutational healing system that creates cosmic pipelines known as the Pillars of Light. Crystalline Alchemy™ is based entirely on the ancient mystery traditions.

The process uses specific vibrational tools to pattern energetic gridworks & mandalas based on Sacred Geometry, in a structured protocol, opening one to a pristine, uninterrupted channel of vortex energy to all of ones higher dimensional realities.

The result is a rapid opening, healing & purification of the energetic body via a bath of Divine Light and deepest Peace. The process allows for accelerated growth and evolution, preparing and assisting one on their personal path of ascension.


I feel one of my gifts is my presence with each of my clients and my ability to truly listen both energetically and verbally while staying in the moment. I understand that a true healer does not "do" anything, but rather opens for energy to come through, then listens, and says what needs to be said or not said, or does what needs to be done or not done. My role is to create a safe space for movement, transformation, transmutation and evolution.

My place of stillness and listening is what truly matters, knowing that what is needed will come through me and will come forth within my clients from the stillness/movement within their core. I feel my role is to create the safe container for energy mirroring so that old patterns have the opportunity to shift to a state of equilibrium.

I intuitively co-create with my clients in the moment using my knowledge and experience, intuitive wisdom, and all the toys/tools I have available. I thoroughly enjoy the creative aspects of energywork, and sometimes when I'm in the "groove", I feel like I'm playing a soul's magical instrument of body/mind/emotions/spirit!

Anne's Credentials Details

Courses & Trainings RECEIVED:
  • September-October 2006, Stanford, South Africa: Colour Mirrors Level 3 Practitioner Training
  • March 2006, Marblehead, MA: Repeated Colour Mirrors Teacher 1 and 2 with Melissie Jolly
  • September 2005-April 2006, Efland, NC: Endocrine System with Janice Durand, RPP
  • October 2004, Kealakekua, Hawaii: Colour Mirrors Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training, and Colour Mirrors Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training with Melissie Jolly
  • January 2004, Honaunau, Hawai'i: Repeat of Level I Aura-Soma Practitioner Training with Ellen Epstein
  • September 2002, Naperville, IL: COLOR Mandalas with Ellen Epstein
  • July 2001, Naperville, IL: Aurajin: Recognizing Spirit in Matter with Carol Klesow. This works brings color and Jin Shin Jyutsu together.
  • June 2001, Chapel Hill, NC: Latest Colorpuncture Treatments with Nishant Matthews
  • February 2001, Chapel Hill, NC: Exploring Early Imprinting and Repatterning with Laura Rounds
  • April 2000, Chapel Hill, NC: Biodynamic Craniosacral: Stillness, Motion &
    The Breath of Life
    with Roger Gilchrist
  • March 2000, England: Aura-Soma Level I Teacher Training with Mike Booth
  • January 2000, Phoenix, AZ: Aura-Soma Bridge Course with Claudia Booth
  • October 1999, England: Diploma T.ASIACT (Teacher/Practitioner Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics)
  • August 1999, England: Aura-Soma Beamer Pen with Komala Lyra & Shanto Dorcey
  • August 1999, England: Aura-Soma Level III Practitioner with Kathleen Lorna Colhoun
  • July 1999, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Nurturing Women's Health 1 with Komala Lyra
  • July 1999, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Aromatherapy Initiation: Royal, Herbal & Floral Essential Oils with Komala Lyra
  • May 1999, Illinois & Texas: 12 days of Aura-Soma training intensives:
1. Core Issues with Mike Booth
2. Kabbalah Tree of Life with Mike Booth
3. Aura-Soma Tarot with Kathleen Lorna Colhoun & Phyllis Mahon
4. Advanced Consultation Skills with Mike Booth
  • May 1999, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Transforming Pain with Nishant Matthews
  • April 1999, Chapel Hill, NC: Biodynamic Craniosacral Core Energetics: Interface of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & the Human Energy System with Roger Gilchrist
  • March 1999, Raleigh, NC: Dance of Heaven & Earth: Acupuncture Theory & Point Location with Abhiyana Abrahamson & Nishant Matthews
  • February 1999 Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Nurturing Women's Health 1 with Komala Lyra
  • November 1998, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Chakra Healing with Nishant Matthews
  • October 1998, Texas: Aura-Soma Level II Practitioner with Carol Klesow
  • October 1998, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: BodyMind Bridge 3: Soul-Spirit Resonance with Nishant Matthews
  • September 1998, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: BodyMind Bridge 2: Balancing Polarities with Nishant Matthews
  • August 1998, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: BodyMind Bridge 1 with Nishant Matthews
  • May 1998, Raleigh, NC: Color Compassion: Colorpuncture For Children with Dr. Neeresh Fausto Pagnamenta, Switzerland
  • March 1998, Chapel Hill, NC: The Breath of Life: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Scott Zamurut
  • March 1998, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: BodyMind Bridge 1 with Nishant Matthews
  • February 1998, Chapel Hill, NC: Energetic Nutrition 1 with Jamie Champion
  • November 1997, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Healing the Emotional Body with Nishant Matthews
  • October 1997, Certified Associate Polarity Practitioner
  • September 1997, Raleigh, NC: Colorpuncture: Transmitter Relays 2 with Nishant Matthews
  • August 1997, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Foundation with Nishant Matthews
  • April 1997, Raleigh, NC: Colorpuncture: Transmitter Relays 1 with Nishant Matthews
  • January 1997, Texas: Aura-Soma Level I Practitioner with Trish & Will Hunter
  • November 1996, Raleigh, NC: Samassati Color Light Therapy: Colorpuncture for the Transformation of Consciousness with Nishant Matthews
  • March 1996, Raleigh, NC: Light, DNA & The Cosmic Perspective with Mellon-Thomas Benedict
  • October 1995, Raleigh, NC: Colorpuncture with Nishant Matthews
  • February 1995, Raleigh, NC: Ordained into Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek
  • March 1994, Chapel Hill, NC: Healing Touch Level IIA Teaching Assistant with Sally Nyholt
  • May 1993, NC Mountains: Emerald Tablets: The Ancient Mysteries with Oh Shinnah
  • October 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Healing Touch Level IIB with Janet Mentgen
  • May 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Healing Touch Level IIA with Janet Mentgen
  • October 1992, Chapel Hill, NC: Healing Touch Level I with Dorathea Hover
  • June 1992, Chapel Hill, NC: Touch For Health I with Arlene Green
  • October 1991: Graduated Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts
  • October 1991, Taos, NM: Advanced Crystal Healing with Katrina Raphaell
  • June 1991, Taos, NM: Intermediate Crystal Healing with Stephanie Nemett & Brenda McDaniel
  • April 1991, Taos, NM: Beginning Crystal Healing with Stephanie Nemett & Brenda McDaniel

Courses & Trainings Anne has FACILITATED:

  • October 2006, Efland, NC: Colour Mirrors Color 1 and Color 2 Practitioner Training Courses
  • August 2001, Davis, CA: How to use Tuning Forks for Healing
  • March 2000, Durham, NC: AURA-SOMA Experiential
  • February 2000, Durham, NC: Introduction to AURA-SOMA
  • May 1996, Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystal Therapy
  • November 1995, Chapel Hill, NC: Sacred Geometry: The Web of Life
  • October 1995, Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystalline Alchemy™
  • September 1995 - June 1996, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Therapy Certification Program
  • June 1995, Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • May 1995, Bimini, Bahamas: Discover Atlantis, Dolphins & Anchoring Feminine Ray
  • October 1994 - June 1995, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Therapy Certification Program
  • August 1994, Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • January 1994, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 3
  • November 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystals & Healing
  • November 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 2
  • October 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 1
  • September 1993, Raleigh, NC: Eco-Fair
  • May 1993, Raleigh, NC: Healing Fair
  • March - April 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Healing With Crystals Series 1
  • February 1993, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 3
  • January 1993 Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 2
  • November 1992, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 2
  • October 1992, Chapel Hill, NC: Crystal Healing 1
  • July 1992 Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • July 1991, Chapel Hill, NC: Introduction to Crystal Healing


  • Creation of Vibrational Energy Medicine school. Vision Statement and Curriculum are a work in progress.
  • Completion of DISTANCE courses in Color and Sound healing. (Working on Color Therapy Distance Training Program now.)
  • Completion of book on Sound Healing.
  • Completion of book on Spiritual Cosmology.
  • Completion of book on Vibrational/Energy Medicine.
Anne Christine Tooley serves as a LightworkerAnne's Story

I, Anne Christine Tooley, serve as a lightworker and I reside in North Carolina, USA.

I was called to serve in humanity's transformation in 1988 when at age 35, I experienced a death and rebirth. An almost fatal car accident and near-death experience left me with none of the life I knew. The following years of challenges, change and profound healing became an initiation into a deeper understanding and knowing of myself and the cosmos. I have dedicated my life to serve in the ways of vibrational healing, also called Vibrational Medicine or Energy Medicine.

I grew up in rural southwestern Ohio on 82 acres of luscious hilly pastures, ponds, streams and a magical forest. The majestic trees, animals, birds, insects and waters were my companions. I spent hours walking or sitting quietly talking with the nature spirits and imagining a life of tranquil existence. My life was largely made up of images and dreams of something more... much more.

In the Spring of 1988, at the age of 35, I survived a near-death experience after a head-on car collision. I felt the indescribable expansive existence that is on the other side of this life as we know it. As I recovered from my extensive head injuries, I realized that my ordinary life no longer had any meaning. It was this pivotal event that changed my life forever. Thus I embarked on a grand and now heightened pace of spiritual development.

In an effort to heal emotionally and physically from my near-death experience, I sought complementary medicine. This quickly led to an intense interest in learning alternative healing therapies. I began to take courses in various modalities of Vibrational Energy Medicine and to my surprise, I intuitively knew what to do! I began to "re-member" that I had been a healer in many lifetimes. I could feel and follow energy and knew exactly what to do to create balance and ease. My first trainings in 1991, healing with gems and crystals, opened my heart wider than anything before and launched me on my journey of honing the ancient arts of Vibrational Energy Medicine.

It is no wonder I took to Crystal Healing, since my father collected, cut and polished precious and semi-precious stones for me since I was a little one. He bestowed me with magnificent precious gemstone rings and pendants over the years. My mother, an artist extraordinaire, weaver, painter, cook, gardener and so much more, instilled in me a love of artistry and beauty. Both my parents gifted me with an appreciation of beauty, the arts and most of all, the splendor and reverence of Nature. Introduced early on to the abundance and beauty of life, my love for the transparent radiance of the color and reflection of light in stones led me at my midlife into a deeper appreciation and relationship with the mineral kingdom, color and light.

From there, I began an amazing journey of learning and opening to the knowledge and wisdom of color, light, sound, aromatherapy, touch and energy therapies, and sacred geometry. I have "re-membered" many of the old ways over the years, all of it enhanced by my "learned" skills. And every day, I learn and re-members more. To this day, learning and practicing Vibrational Energy Medicine is my greatest passion and love!

It is my privilege and honor to share my website with you.
May it teach, support and honor your own knowledge and wisdom.

In my "previous life" (before accident), I excelled in the corporate world working primarily in the computer field, first in software training, then programmer/analyst and finally as a database administrator. This knowledge has served me well in the business-side of

All the information on this website is copyright© material and may not be reproduced in any form for any reason without my permission. However, you are free to share my URL, with anyone and link to my website! Thank you for understanding and respecting my creative contribution to the world ~~~~

~~~ Infinite PONO and ALOHA ~~~


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