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Fibonacci spiral in a sunflower

Sacred Geometry

UPDATED 01-02-17


Flower of Life  |  Vesica Pisces  |  Platonic Solids
Golden Mean Proportions, Phi Ratio and Fibonacci Spirals
Metatron's Cube & the Merkaba  |  Tube Torus
Hexagonal Structures  |  Pentagonal Structures Crystal Structures

      Sacred Geometry is the basic fundamental building blocks of our Universe are based on mathematics and form. Sacred Geometry can be found in all of nature in golden mean proportions, Fibonacci spirals, hexagonal structures, pentagonal structures, platonic solid structures, crystal structures, tube torus, etc.

Healing can be facilitated and meditation enhanced by using pyramid energy, platonic solids, crystals & stones, shells, art, etc. in sacred geometric forms.

From the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the atomic structure of a single cell within the body, the same laws of form and mathematics apply. The secret to life is in these forms and numbers. So by studying a simple flower, we can learn the basis of all life everywhere.


"Modern scientists are reaffirming what the ancients observed in their world and taught in their myths: that a consistent language of geometric design underpins every level of the universe, from atoms through galaxies" says Michael S. Schneider in his book "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe".


Flower of LifeThe FLOWER OF LIFE (FOL) is a universal symbol found in architecture and literature all around the world. It is said to contain all the patterns of Creation.

This geometric design is found in most ancient cultures, and has been found in many countries including Egypt (the oldest known), Turkey, Italy, Masada Israel, Mount Sinai, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, Spain, Japan and China. 

Within the FOL is the beginning (Genesis), which is a dot (.) in the middle progressing outward to form many complex 3-dimensional structures including:

* Seed of Life
* Egg of Life
* Fruit of Life
* Vesica Pisces
* Five Platonic Solids, the building blocks of the Universe
* Metatron's Cube
* Jacob's Ladder
* Fibonacci Spiral
* Hexagons

* Star of David (Seal of Solomon)
* Tube Torus
* Merkaba



Vesica PiscesThe Vesica Pisces is found in Pagan and Christian literature and art. It represents the the coming together of 2 to create a 3rd. It is the entrance to the WOMB and the passageway to the birth of
. In Sacred Geometry the Vesica Pisces is the Universal Womb, that which births all of Creation.

It is the symbol of the Divine Feminine representing the vulva (yoni) of the Goddess (and woman), surrounded by the crescents of the waxing and waning Moon. Read more.

Christ in MajestyThe picture to the left is called "Christ in Majesty" and is found in a manuscript n Germany. Christ is seen inside the Vesica Pisces. From what we learned in the above paragraphs, it seems to suggest the birth of Christ from Mary's womb.

The 4 fixed signs of Aquarius (air), Scorpio (water), Leo (fire) and Taurus (earth) are shown in the corners. These represent the Holy Tetragrammaton, meaning "4 letter word", the YHVH. The letters represent the eternal and unknowable nature of G__. From the Tetragrammaton flow the 10 aspects of God, which are the Sepiroth that make up the Tree Of Life.

 Yod (Y)**
He (H)
 Vau (V)
 He (H)
(Astroligical Fixed Cross)
 Anatomy of
& Arms
 Legs & Feet

Eyes of Horus

The Vesica Pisces can also be seen in the Eyes of Horus.
The RIGHT EYE represents the SUN, YANG, and right-side ANALYTICAL, FACT-BASED BRAIN.
The LEFT EYE represents the MOON, YIN, and left-side CREATIVE, EMOTIONAL and INTUITIVE BRAIN.

It is also the 3rd Eye (Ajna) chakra (between the eyebrows), which is the eye that can see beyond the the 5 physical senses. It is the source of intuition and the 5 clairs: clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear), clairsentience (touch/feel), clairalience (smell), clairgustance (taste).

In Latin, Vesica Pisces it means "vessel (mouth) of the fish" or "fish bladder" (denoting a vessel). It looks like a human eye or a fish without a tail. The two intersecting circles were modified to look like a fish (see picture to the left). The "fish" from the Vesica Pisces symbol has long been used to represent Jesus and Christianity.



There are five Platonic Solids: Cube, Icosadedron, Tetrahedron, Octahedron and Dodecahedron. Each one is a polyhedron, which is a 3-dimensional shape with flat faces. The faces are congruent, regular polygons with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex (corner).

The Greek Plato, in his Timaeus c. 350 B.C.E., equated the five Solids with the five Elements: the Cube with Earth, the Icosahedron with Water, the Tetrahedron with the Fire, the Octahedron with Air, and the Dodecahedron with the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made, Ether (etheric).

Structure Chakra
chakra symbols courtesy of
Anodea Judith


Hematite Crytal

Hexagonal Crystal

Since the Earth's Core is Iron, it could be that the Earth's Core is made up of HEMATITE, the principle ore of Iron. This hexagonal crystal is shown to the left.

Earth Star
Earth Star
Earth Core 


Platonic Solid - CUBE

3 squares meet at each corner
6 faces
8 corners (vertices)
12 edges


Base/Root Chakra symbol


Earth Element symbol


Platonic Solid - ICOSAHEDRON

5 triangles meet at each corner
20 faces
12 corners (vertices)
30 edges

Sacral Chakra symbol


Water Element symbol


Platonic Solid - TETRAHEDRON

3 triangles meet at each corner
4 faces
4 corners (vertices)
6 edges
Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra symbol


Fire Element symbol


Platonic Solid - OCTAHEDRON

4 triangles meet at each corner
8 faces
6 corners (vertices)
12 edges

Heart Chakra symbol

Air Element symbol


Platonic Solid - DODECAHEDRON

3 pentagons meet at each corner
12 faces
30 corners (vertices)
6 edges

Throat Chakra symbol
Ether Element symbol - Metatron's Cube

Star Tetrahedron - MERKABA

Star Tetrahedron

One Tetrahedron pointing up and another Tetrahedron pointing down, joined together.

3rd Eye

3rd Eye Chakra symbol




Solid Circle

No corners, no edges, no beginning, no end.


Crown Chakra symbol
Flower of Life Sphere

Spiral Galaxy

All That Is.

All the Universes, Galaxies,
Stars, Planets, etc. what is
known and what is unknown.

Soul Star
Soul Star Chakra - Universal Mind
graphic courtesy of
Alex Grey
Universal Mind

Universal Mind





Metatron's CubeMetatron's Cube is a structure born out of the Flower of Life. It represents the gridwork of our consciousness and the building blocks of the Cosmos. It is the matrix in which everything is contained in our 3-dimensional reality. 

Metatron is an Archangel, known as the "big angel". He oversees all the other Archangels.

Click on the link below for Charles Gilchrist's explanation of Metatron's Cube.


Mathematics is the language of God!

more coming...






Crystals are classified into 7 basic structures based on the organization of the atoms of the crystal. Even though there are hundreds of different shaped crystals, all crystals fall into one of seven systems because of the strict order of their atoms into a lattice. The atomic lattice is a three dimensional network of atoms that are arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The shape of the lattice determines not only which crystal system the stone belongs to, but all of its physical properties and appearance.


Axes: All three axes are of equal length and intersect at right angles.
Based on a square inner structure.

Isometric/Cubic Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Isometric/Cubic Crystal Shapes

Cubic Crystals: diamond, gold, fluorite, garnet, silver, spinel, pyrite, copper, sodalite, sphalerite


Axes: Two axes are of equal length and are in the same plane, the main
axis is either longer or shorter, and all three intersect at right angles.

Based on a rectangular inner structure.

Tetragonal Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Tetragonal Crystal Shapes

Tetragonal Crystals: apophyllite, cassiterite, chalcopyrite, idocrase (vesuvianite), rutile, scapolite, zircon, wulfenite


Axes: Three out of the four axes are in one plane, of the same length,
and intersect each other at angles of 60 degrees. The fourth axis is of
a different length and intersects the others at right angles.

Based on a hexagonal (6-sided) inner structure.

Hexagonal Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Hexagonal Crystal Shapes

Common Hexagonal Crystals: apatite, beryl (aquamarine, emerald, heliodore, morganiate, goshenite, bixbite), phenacite, hematite, sugilite, tourmaline, rhodochrosite, smithsonite, dioptase, vanadanite, zincite


Axes: Axes and angles in this system are similar to the Hexagonal System.
Trigonal system is a subsystem of the Hexagonal. Most gem references will list
these as Hexagonal. In the cross-section of a Hexagonal crystal, there will be
six sides. In the cross-section of a Trigonal crystal there will be three sides.  
Based on a triangular inner structure.
Crystal shapes:

Trigonal Crystals: all varieties of quartz (clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, tiger eye, aventurine, chalcedony, agate, jasper), Benitoite, corundum, (ruby, sapphire), hematite, rhodochrosite, tourmaline


Axes: Three axes, all of different lengths, are at right angles
to each other.

Based on a rhombic (diamond-shaped) inner structure.

Orthorhombic Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Orthorhombic Crystal Shapes

Orthorhombic Crystals: alexandrite, anglesite, anhydrite, aragonite, barite, celestite, cerussite, chrysoberyl, danburite, goethite, peridot (olivine), prehnite, stibnite, sulfur, tanzanite (zoisite), topaz, varacite, zoisite with ruby


Axes: There are three axes, each of different lengths.
Two are at right angles to each other and the third is inclined.

Based on a parallelogram inner structure.

Monoclinic Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Monoclinic Crystal Shapes

Monoclinic Crystals: azurite, chrysocolla and gem silica, colemanite, crocoite, diopside, epidote, howlite, jade, lepidolite, malachite, mica, andularia, orpiment, orthoclase, realgar, selenite, serpentine, sphene, spodumene (hiddenite, kunzite, tryphane), stilbite, talc, vivvianite


Axes: All three axes are of different lengths and inclined
towards each other.

Based on a 'triclinic' inner structure, meaning 'three inclined angles'.

Triclinic Crystal Axes
Crystal shapes:
Trinclinic Crystal Shapes

Triclinic Crystals: amazonite, amblygonite, chalcanthite, inesite, kyanite, labradorite, sunstone, oligoclase, rhodonite, turquoise


No crystal structure. Most of these are either cooled too quickly to crystallize, or are organic.

Amorphous Minerals: amber, obsidian, moldavite, opal, moldavite (and other tektites)


View Carl Sagan's explanation of the 1st thru 4th dimensions.


Watch the Nature by Numbers video below:


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Other Books


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