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Light & Light Therapy

UPDATED 07-24-14


Light Therapy or Color Light Therapy is a form of Vibrational/Energy Medicine thatBeaming color light on the Chakras uses light on the eyes, acupuncture points, meridians, reflex zones, chakras , the aura, CSF and DNA to communicate the proper frequency for restoring health to the body and energy field.

Various light instruments emit perceptible light frequencies (color) from the Electromagnetic Spectrum as well as those beyond the perceptible edge of visible colors such as Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) in order to balance the physical body. All can be applied to acupuncture points, meridians, reflex zones, chakras , the aura, CSF and DNA.


Within the visible spectrum are the colors of the rainbow and everything in between. Each color is a specific frequency and resonates with a specific color light frequencies in the biosystem.

Violet Light on Yin Trang acupoint to open the 3rd Eye Chakra
Violet Light on Limbic brain point
Light Pen & Photo from Spectrahue

The basic colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. However, there are other colors that have specific healing properties.

Like the sun, color light instruments bring in the essential full spectrum, but with much more accuracy since specific points and zones can receive different color frequencies as needed.

Red Light on LI 4 acupoint for pain relief
Red Light on LI 4 acupoint
for pain relief

Light Pen & Photo from Spectrahue

Beaming color light to large areas using a lamp is called tonation. It was first introduced to the public by Dinshah P. Ghadiali in 1920. The book "Let There Be Light" by his son Darius Dinshah shows healing protocols for various physical conditions. Read more...

Beaming color light with Light Pen and Lamp
Light Pen & Photo from Spectrahue

Light Pen & Photo from Spectrahue

Beaming healing green light
Light Pen & Photo from Spectrahue

Click on the short video below for information on how Color Light Therapy heals. Read more...



UV Ultraviolet rays lie just above the visible VIOLET ray, hence the name UltraViolet.
InfraRed rays lie just below the visible RED ray, hence the name InfraRed.

UV Ray
IR Ray
  • help body to self-regulate back to healthy functioning
  • stimulate immune response
  • fight viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • relieve (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • relieve burns
  • disinfect & sterilize
  • above the crown chakra to activate the Soul Star/8th chakra
  • open what is unconscious in a chakra, energy point or zone prior to activating the point with color light, tuning forks, acupuncture needle, massage, etc.
  • relieve pain & stiffness
  • relax spasms
  • relieve arthritis
  • increase blood circulation
  • heal body tissue
  • dissolve scaring
  • reduce swelling & inflammation
  • below the feet to activate the Earth Star chakra
  • open what is conscious in a chakra, energy point or zone prior to activating the point with color light, tuning forks, acupuncture needle, massage, etc.

The human body is a wondrous matrix of light and color!

Biophotons transmit information between cells
Biophotons transmit information between cells

Our hands and all parts of our body emit biophotons
Our hands and all parts of our body emit biophotons

Organized photon energy
Organized photon energy
of a cell

From our skin to our core, we are made of light and light is the language by which our cells speak to one another. The DNA within the center of the nucleus of each cell of the body has been shown to emit photons (light). When this light reaches the crystalline structure of the cell wall, it is greatly amplified. The light radiated from the cell naturally congregates with like cells because they share the same frequency (color) of light. These groups of cells form organs and the other structures in our body, each resonating with a specific frequency and color. So our cells are crystallized light!

From Marco Bischof's book "Biophotons: The Light in Our Cells":

All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers.

Biophotons were first discovered in 1923 by Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G. Gurvich (who named them "mitogenetic rays") and in the 1930s widely researched in Europe and the USA, biophotons have been rediscovered and backed since the 1970s by ample experimental and theoretical evidence by European scientists.

In 1974 German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp has proved their existence, their origin from the DNA and later their coherence (laser-like nature), and has developed biophoton theory to explain their possible biological role and the ways in which they may control biochemical processes, growth, differentiation etc. Popp's biophoton theory leads to many startling insights into the life processes and may well provide one of the major elements of a future theory of life and holistic medical practice based on such an approach.

The importance of the discovery has been confirmed by eminent scientists such as Herbert Froehlich and Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine. Since 1992, the International Institute of Biophysics, a network of research laboratories in more than 10 countries, based in Germany, is coordinating research in this field which promises rapid development in the next decade.

An interesting VIDEO interview with Fritz-Albert Popp on biophtons and healing the body


"Holy Fire" by Alex Grey
Holy Fire by Alex Grey

Only light can touch the essence of our soul!

Within each of us is our own unique light that is precious, perfect, eternal and whole. It remains even when our physical body is gone. It is just on the other side of the veil, out of reach of our 5 physical senses.

Only vibrational energy such as Light can touch this place within us. Light Therapy uses light and color to nourish your Inner Light to reawaken your Soul.

Light is essential to our health and wellbeing.
Sunlight is nourishment for the body

Light is nourishment to the body. It is essential that we receive light into our bodies everyday. But instead, we have become a society of staying indoors most of the time. When we are outside, we may wear glasses, contacts or sun screen. All of these block some portion of the full spectrum of light which starves a part of our body. Light enters our body primarily through the eyes (about 90%), and also via the skin and chakras.

Light stimulates and supports the important endocrine system as well as the immune system and organs of the body. The visible spectrum as well as infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light are essential for the complete health of the body. It has been shown that 2 hours of indirect sunlight or 30 minutes of direct sunlight everyday create healthier bodies and emotional wellbeing.

Lighten up!

Lighten up!Lighten up! What does that really mean? As more and more light enters our body, we literally lighten up! We feel lighter, more open and happier with our life. Light is contagious! Our relationships with the people around us begin to change. Relating becomes easier and more fulfilling. Just as the moth is drawn to the light, others will be drawn to your light.

As we lighten up, we begin to discover who we really are. We begin to really enjoy this amazing journey called life. At last, we finally are able to touch and know the essence of ourselves and realize that we are and always have been goodness and perfection. As we know that of ourselves, we begin to see the goodness and perfection in every living thing.

Treat yourself to the light today! Take a long walk outdoors or sit under the shade of a tree without your glasses, contacts or sunglasses. You won’t need any sunscreen if you’re careful. Seize the joy of living in the light!

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Other books


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