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A new "Gem" in Chapel Hill, NC!

THE CRYSTAL GARDEN,, is a local store in Chapel Hill, NC with an absolutely gorgeous array of crystals and stones. This area has been lacking a store with a huge variety of stones from every end of the spectrum and everything in between. Tumbled stones and small unique natural crystalline structures to high-end, museum-quality specimens for those who want to add to their collections. I highly recommend this store to all who live near Chapel Hill, NC or those that are visiting.

Sam Bryan, Jr. is the owner and seems very knowledgeable about the stones he carries. He just returned from the Tucson show and definitely knows how to choose his specimens for his store. He also sells on ETSY and EBAY.
Healing Crystals Metaphysical Crystal Shop selling Healing Crystals at Discount Prices, including Tumbled Stones, Rocks & Minerals, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Merkaba Crystals, Vogel Wands, & more. Offering Free Monthly Newsletters and a Metaphysical Directory to Promote the Awareness and Use of Crystals as a Healing Tool.
By Ellen Epstein. Color geometric coded MANDALAS for healing the Earth, uplifting consciousness,
& supporting health, peace, wellness. Note Cards, prints and murals available of these powerful images which are to be shared & spread throughout the world!

Acusound School of Sound Healing & Holistic Therapies

ACUSOUND International School of Sound & Cymatic Therapy
Sound Healing & Cymatic (Cymatherapy) Therapy Training Courses. Become a certified sound healing practitioner or a cymatic therapist, learn about chromatherapy, sonopuncture and how to use tuning forks in healing.
Life Potentials Network with Diantha Harris is an informative site providing information about courses and consultations in Color, Feng Shui and the Akashic Records. Diantha also offers Color and Feng Shui products as well as books she has written.
Metatronic Life is about empowering minds and hearts, freeing up choices, improving relationships, confidence, finances and health. Centered around the work of Philippa Merivale, an author and pioneer with many years' experience of international counseling and teaching, this site offers a wide variety of color tools, including Books, E-books, CDs, Colour Products, Classes, Consultations and more.
Rev. Nancy Wiggen
Inner Journeys Hawaii
Body *Mind* Soul


Feelings of confusion, loss, anger, fear can be the greatest catalysts for our spiritual growth. Sometimes it is the sad
things that hurt the most which bring us closer to God. Integrated holistic energy and bodywork sessions designed to support your personal journey in Volcano, Hawaii. Spiritual consulting, Shamanic Coaching are available
by telephone, flexible hours.

Contact Nancy at:

144 pages in Full color
Email Carol Klesow

Recognizing Spirit in Matter

by Carol Klesow

Aurajin is a coming together of Aura-Soma and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Visit for more information about this beautiful full-color book, the author, and her upcoming courses.
Aura-Soma Color and Light on the Pathways is a system of three levels of course work that utilize the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen, Pomanders and Quintessences in order to illuminate the acupuncture organ and meridian systems via the electromagnetic fields of the human aura. The courses are taught by Shanto L. Dorcey, Aura-Soma Teacher and Practitioner, and Robert Abrahamson, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Heartwood and Bruce Burger offer a profound environment for healing and personal growth. Our program offers a unique synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic psychology and a spiritual approach to bodywork based on Yoga, Vedanta, and Ayurveda.
The website of Phyllis Mahon and Bob Willmington from England, good friends who host Art courses
& English Farmhouse accommodations in the heart of "Tennyson country" in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. On the website, you may also purchase original artworks and prints by Phyllis whose work is well-known through her colourful & spiritual illustrations for Aura-Soma, the New Aeon Tarot, The Sea & Butterfly Essences and the Goddesses Calendar & Book.
Namaste Unlimited, A Vibrational Healing and Spiritual Development Emporium based in Kansas City, MO. Offering crystal healing jewelry, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences, sacred and ritual objects, meditation tools, and other cool stuff for the metaphysically-inclined person.
A very beautiful and interesting site from Cristina Bassi in Italy with information on a host of topics such as Astro-Psychology, Nutripuncture, and Vibrational Healing. Be sure to ask to receive her email newletter. It's really lovely and fun!
Rough and tumbled stones and crystals to enrich your life. Also jewelry and hand crafted items with a touch of Africa. Top Quality - Great Prices. Lots of information on COLOR.

Diane Brandon - Diane Brandon offers Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling,
focusing on Personal and Spiritual Growth, as well as the Deeper Meaning of Events. Private Consultations Available, including by Phone. Relationship, Career, and Life Path Issues, as well as Children and Passed-On Loved Ones. Workshops and Presentations. Contains Text of Published Articles.
Emergence Chiropractic, the best chiropractors in the world!!! Helps me with my chronic back pain from car accident in 1988!
Network Chiropractic and TRT (Torque Release Technique)
3500 Westgate Dr., Suite 404, Durham, NC 27707

LightShadows - Promotes the works and teachings of Sayahda, clairvoyant visionary, transpersonal healer, teacher and founder of the Orhai Method of Total Healing.
Winds Of Change - Information about Chakras and Colour Beauty, health, fitness resource. Articles, advice, tips, links, books & more. Readers may contribute.
Thermaflow - Infrared Therapy, the Pain Care you Wear 


Spiritual Directories - directory and useful information -The Conscious Living Directory - for Body, Mind & Spirit
  World Light Center - Dedicated to the joyous and graceful ascension of people on our planet! Paragon Peacock Publishing Directory of Alternative Modalities - Aromatherapy global and regional directories.
  Aromatherapy Resources - Internet Aromatherapy Resources


  Dinshah Health Society - Founded by Dinshah Ghadiali, this is the Spectro-Chrome System home page, the pre-eminent spectrum-based health system. Spectro-Chrome therapy is a safe, natural, inexpensive home-use medical system that does not rely on any drugs or chemicals, with their uncertain side effects.
  The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - NAHA is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing public awareness of the benefits of true aromatherapy.

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