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Healing through the SENSES

Sensory Healing

UPDATED 01-02-13


So how can our ordinary five senses create expansion & healing?

The 5 Senses: See, Hear, Touch (Feel), Taste and Smell
Healing through the 5 SENSES
The five senses are the gateways to a deeper understanding of oneself.
They are the doorways to all of our ancient memories.

When the senses are healthfully stimulated, our nervous system is restored and our chakras become opened and balanced.

By moving through the gateways of the five senses, one becomes extra-sensory, perceiving finer and finer realities. This is known as ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. Through Vibrational Energy Medicine, one can hone their "4 Clairs": clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairgustance (clear taste) and clairalience (clear smell).

Manifestation requires desire and focus. Expansion of the senses tunes us into our desires and keeps us aware.

The more senses that are stimulated at the same time, the more the possibility of expansion, re-membering (putting our self "back together") and healing.

By engaging the sense nature of yourself, you can be opened to receive and perceive higher dimensional realities and effortlessly shift consciousness.

Specific therapies and the primary senses engaged by them:
 Crystals & Gems  see & feel
 Color  see & feel
 Light  see & feel
 Sound  hear & feel
 Subtle Aromatherapy  smell, taste & feel
 Sacred Geometry  ALL
 Crystalline Alchemy  ALL
 Kabbalah  ALL
 Polarity Therapy  touch
 Healing Touch  touch
 Therapeutic Touch  touch
 Biodymanic Craniosacral Therapy  touch
 Reflexology  touch

Of course, in reality, ALL the senses have the potential
to be expanded by any experience!
The key is to allow for perception & sensation.

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