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Trinity Pak with Lepidolite, Amplygonite, Pala Pink Tourmaline and 3 Sodium Compounds

Trinity Pak

UPDATED 07-27-17



Dearest Haroldine, who originally made these Trinity Paks back in the '90s,
found some more of her original compound when moving to her new house,
so as of August 16, 2015, I have about 11 dozen Trinity Paks left for sale.
When they are gone, there are no more.

Handmade by 84-year old Haroldine's loving hands at Lithium Labs Ltd., the Trinity Pak is a special combination of 3 Lithium Crystals and 3 specific Sodium Compounds blended together in very a specific ratio. These materials are placed in a 1 ¾” square Japanese lavender fabric with blue/violet stitching, resembling a little lavender pillow. The pillow is placed on various parts of the body for balance and healing.
NEW Studies have shown that the Trinity Pak when placed close to the body protects the body and field (aura) from electromagnetic pollution such as wireless devices, TVs, computers, wireless devices, cell phone towers, and TV and radio towers. You can even put a Trinity Pak on any device that emits electromagnetic energy to prevent emission pollution!

It acts not only as protection, but allows your body and field to once again resonate with the Schumann Resonant frequency 7.83 hz found in all of the natural world, which restores health on all levels.

The Trinity Pak contains: 

  3 specific Sodium Compounds, and
Lithium Crystals:

Lepidolite with Pink Tourmaline  Lepidolite - the GRAND BALANCER 

Amblygonite Amblygonite - activates the physical body's ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Pala Pink Tourmaline  Pala Pink Tourmaline - high conductor of ELECTRICITY

In the center of the brain, there is an area called “The Cave of Brahma” (known also as “the heart of the brain”) by Sanskrit texts, which refer to this area as the seat of resonance with the SOURCE ocean of cosmic vibrations. This cave is the 3rd ventricle of the brain.

The pineal gland hangs from the roof of the completely dark cave and is constantly bathed in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The pineal gland was called "Seat of the Soul" by French philosopher Rene Descartes and Alice Bailey. It is thought that the pineal gland is the connection to our Soul.

Close to this area is manufactured the CSF, which washes the whole brain and spinal nerves. The chemical pH of CSF determines the resonance. The Trinity Pak has the ability to balance the pH of CSF! This brings forth a feeling of greater well being and more centeredness.

The energy frequency of the Trinity Pak when worn, often allows more complete perception than usual – almost as if one sees into the heart of things, instantaneously. The Trinity Pak releases and erases the negative memory programming stored in the cells of the body as incomplete emotional trauma. It aids in bringing that trauma painlessly into fruition, as completed perception floats into the Mind’s eye, dissolving all previous resistance. This opens avenues to greater awareness, through more potential release. (Do remember the only true difference between all human beings on this planet is the degree of conscious awareness.)

When the Trinity Pak is worn during a session of body manipulation, adjustment, or massage, the work is aided in that the “fix” remains more permanent and will not rapidly fade away. The Trinity Pak when worn next to the skin serves as a protective barrier from external negative human energies

Areas of application for wearing may vary for each individual. When possible, dowse, muscle test, check with pendulum, or meditate with the Higher Self to find the most ideal placement area for the greatest benefit to/for the Self. 

Suggestions for application:

  • From 6pm-6am, place Trinity Pak on the 7th cervical area directly below the back center of the neck 2 separate times for 5 minutes.

  • For Women, wear as a pendant touching the skin in the thymus area or tucked into a bra cup.

  • For Men, secure with a safety pin inside the mid-center back of trousers or under shorts if possible so it touches the skin in the small of the back.

  • place on any electromagnetic device to reduce EM pollution. e.g. TV, computer, wireless devices such as cordless phones, cell phones, etc.

New information from Douglas Benjamin in October 2010:

“The initial tests I have done on Lepidolite confirms a harmonic relationship to the Triple Warmer meridian, which governs the glandular functions of the body, and also the Circulation Meridian, which governs the pericardium of the heart and the circulation of the blood. I agree with Jerry Fredenstein that Lepidolite is an excellent “fertilizer” for plants and I would respectfully add that is also appears to be an excellent “fertilizer” for the glands and blood of the human body.

 I’m sure you will find this next tidbit of interest. The Circulation Meridian of the human body is essentially an antenna that links the energetic and physical body to the Universal Pulse rate of 72 beats per minute, which physics confirms as the fundamental vibration common to the microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds

Lepidolite obviously strengthens the ability of this antenna system to receive the Universal Pulse. This makes plants and people bigger and smarter!

The potential effect on the Triple Warmer meridian and the glandular system appears to put the system into a state of balance, which requires less energy to efficiently operate a “bioenergetic machine.” 

CARE:  DO NOT WASH!!!  Since the Trinity Pak contains Sodium compounds, it is easily affected by HUMIDITY and WATER. When not using, keep sealed in the protective plastic bag that comes with the Trinity Pak.


 Manufactured by Lithium Labs Ltd.

More about Haroldine - I met Haroldine back in 1992 when I wrote to her about buying some of the Lithium crystals and stones that she had advertized for sale in the back of her amazing book Lithium and Lithium Crystals: Nature in Harmony. She wrote back and said that she didn't have any left, but that she would sell me some from her private collection, and you bet I took her up on that! Thus began our relationship which has lasted all these years. She's quite the scientific mind and has amassed a wealth of fascinating information, not only about crystals, but and also about the energetics of water. She's currently writing a new book about various bits of knowledge she has gathered over the years that she wishes to share with the world before departing this earthly existence. Can't wait to read it!

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